• Avoid three taboos in the management of electroplating production! ! ! How many can you really do? ? ?
    • 2020-12-08 10:34:58

    As the electroplating production has the characteristics mentioned above, the management of electroplating production is more difficult than other production processes.

    To reduce the difficulty of electroplating production management, at least the following three taboos must be avoided.

    A bogey layman leading the insider

    As mentioned earlier, electroplating processing is a multi-disciplinary and multi-professional process. Therefore, managers, especially supervisors, must be experts. Even if they are not experts in electroplating, they are at least electroplating practitioners with rich electroplating experience.

    This is very important for ensuring product quality, reducing production costs and improving safety factors.

           Maybe someone disagrees with this view.

    Because the debate about whether the layman can manage the insider has a long history, and the conclusions seem to be inconsistent, that is, the outsider can lead the insider.

    Especially in some management involving overall situation and strategy, there are many examples of the success of "outsiders" leading insiders.

    However, those who involve the overall business and strategic issues have already undergone professional transfer. The manager of a global project may not understand the specialty of the project to be managed, but if he has strategic and overall control capabilities, including power , He can succeed.

    Only in this sense can it be said that laymen can lead experts, but in fact, people who have the ability to manage the whole situation are no longer laymen.

    For specific production management, especially specialized production management, such as the management of electroplating production, it is best to be managed by an insider.

        The electroplating production is led and managed by a layman, and it is possible to produce qualified products, but the cost of production will definitely increase, there will be more hidden dangers of insecurity, and the cycle of plating solution problems will become shorter and shorter.

    The result is that the producers are exhausted and often make reworked products, and their emotions are affected.

    The manager is also very troubled, like pressing a gourd in the water, this problem has just been solved, and that problem has appeared again. And some problems will recur and are too hard to deal with.

        In the real society, there are indeed some laymen who have joined the management of the electroplating industry (not referring to investors or bosses, they are the overall managers, as mentioned above, in fact they are doing capital operations, and they cannot be regarded as laymen to the companies they manage. ).

    Some of these people have gone through a long period of running-in and paid some tuition fees paid by the company. The layman has turned into an expert and can eventually become a qualified leader.

    Therefore, all successful leadership and successful management can only be the result of expert leadership.

        What needs to be pointed out here is that the so-called expert does not mean professional education. For the students who graduated from the university with a major in electrochemistry, if they have no practical experience in electroplating production, they cannot be said to be expert.

    Of course, the process of becoming an expert will be faster if the graduated students of the electroplating major will do the management. If you have both a professional degree and professional experience, then you can complement each other and you can do better management.

    Two avoid seeing things but not people

    The characteristics of electroplating production determine that any manager will attach great importance to the management of the plating solution.

    The most important material condition for electroplating production is the electroplating solution. The equipment can be simple and crude. From the main equipment to the auxiliary equipment, it can be flexible, and the saving can be saved.

    However, the electroplating solution alone must not be a problem. Otherwise, no matter how advanced the electroplating production line, even if it is a computer-controlled automatic production line, if the plating solution has a problem, it will have to stop production and eliminate the problem of the plating solution before normal production.

    This characteristic will bring another blind spot in management, that is, focusing only on the management of the plating solution, and formulating many systems related to the plating solution, especially the feeding and adjustment of the plating solution, will have very strict systems.

    It also extends to the suppliers of electroplating raw materials, and the management of raw materials is also very strict. These are all correct, but these managements that see things but not people are only part of the management.

    All rules and regulations are effective if they are enforced by people, and the circumstances of those who enforce them determine success or failure. If there is any key to management, it is to manage everything by managing people well.

    Three avoids focusing on results and neglecting process

    The purpose of electroplating is to perform electrochemical processing on the surface of the product, so that the surface of the product can obtain the required metal coating, and most occasions have strict requirements on the appearance of the coating.

    Since the surface effect of electroplating processing can only be determined after all the processes are completed, the quality of electroplating is often judged after the electroplating is completed.

    This situation is likely to cause both inspectors and managers to always focus on the products after electroplating. Many inspectors in electroplating factories can only stay in the inspection room all day, waiting for the operator to finish the plating. The products are sent over for inspection.

    However, for electroplating products, when you find quality problems on the finished product, time, labor, and materials have been invested in the product, and then rework, the waste is very amazing.

    In fact, there are many problems that can be found and resolved in the process.

    If a manager does not control the process and only discovers the problem after the product comes out, he is definitely not a qualified manager.

    "Prevent trouble before it happens" should be the most basic idea of all managers.

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